A Different Look at Competitive Sports in Hua Hin The Evolution of Pool in Hua Hin

A Different Look at Competitive Sports in Hua Hin The Evolution of Pool in Hua Hin
A Different Look at Competitive Sports in Hua Hin The Evolution of Pool in Hua Hin

As we all know, the seaside resort town of Hua Hin has come a long way since the days it was known as a quiet fishing village, and with the town’s growth, pool leagues have burst onto the scene.

Competition is built into our DNA and so it’s no surprise that we find a thrill in participating in competitive sports and games. In recent years, the pool leagues of Hua Hin and Khao Takiab have grown in number with multiple leagues that take place daily. From Monday night ladies league and the Friends Of Hua Hin Pool League on Wednesdays to Hua Hin Pro Pool League on Friday nights, there are well over 15 leagues and no shortage of opportunities to perhaps join or watch the players in action. A long-standing member and organizer of some of the pool leagues said, “Pool leagues are an opportunity to play social pool at whatever level a player feels comfortable, be that purely social, or to a more professional standard”, and most would agree.

A number of the leagues follow WPA rules, which stands for The World Pool-Billiard Association, and this number is growing as the benefits of having all leagues playing the same rules is realized. Born out of necessi ty for local bar owners to attract customers, especially during the low season, pool players came together to socialize, play pool, and raise revenue for the bars.

The majority of Hua Hin’s pool leagues are teamorientated; however, there are competitions that attract the more professional pool players with prizes to be won. Leagues are usually a commitment of one night a week or more, depending on how many leagues a player is a part of and the seasons last between six and twelve weeks. A prize-giving ceremony is held at the end of each season to present the winning teams with a trophy. Great food and drinks are on the menu for the night as the teams come together to celebrate a successful season.

More On Sports In Hua Hin

On the rise and new to Hua Hin is the French sport Pétanque, which falls into the category of boules sports. The sport can be played in teams or singles and is quite similar to lawn bowls or bocce in that the players play their balls towards a target ball. 17 West Pétanque which is in Khao Takiab, hosts tournaments for those interested. In addition to Pool and Pétanque, the Hua Hin Darts League, which started in 2002 has grown into a twodivision league with about 10 teams in each division. The teams have a minimum of three players that come from Hua Hin, Khao Takiab, and Cha Am, where they play home games and away games each week. Monday nights are reserved for the Hua Hin Fun League while on Tuesday nights, the more serious dart throwers are in action.