Digital Travel Pass could be the magic bullet to start global tourism


A new international Travel Pass a sort of digital health certificate, maybe the way forward for countries to re-open their borders and international airlines.

The International Air Transport Association says the ‘digital’ certificate will help promote the safe reopening of borders. As Covid-19 testing and the results become more reliable governments are looking forward to testing as a means of limiting most of the risks of the pandemic when reopening their borders.

The hope is that the new Travel Pass will replace the quarantine regime imposed by many countries and the hopes that a vaccine alone will resolve the problem.

IATA is calling for systematic Covid-19 testing of all international travelers needed to enable this must support:

  • Airlines: with the ability to provide accurate information to their passengers on test requirements and verify that a passenger meets the requirements for travel.
  • Laboratories: to issue digital certificates to passengers that will be recognised by governments.
  • Travelers: with accurate information on test requirements, where they can get tested or vaccinated and the means to securely dispatch test information to airlines and border authorities.
  • Governments: with the means to verify the authenticity of tests and the identity of those presenting the test certificates.

IATA is calling for systematic testing of all international travelers. The concept was revealed at IATA’s 76th Annual General Meeting on November 24, which called on governments to reopen borders to travel.

The first cross-border IATA Travel Pass pilot is scheduled for later this year and the launch slated for quarter one 2021.

Source: The Thaiger