Eat, Stay, Play, Relax SeenSpace Hua Hin Is Coming Soon

Eat, Stay, Play, Relax SeenSpace Hua Hin Is Coming Soon
Eat, Stay, Play, Relax SeenSpace Hua Hin Is Coming Soon

Construction is now underway of a new ‘lifestyle mall in Hua Hin. ‘SeenSpace’ will offer shopping and much more right on the beachfront, opening up to a vista across the ocean. SeenSpace Hua Hin is due to open within the 3rd quarter of 2015. Here are some comments about the ideas behind SeenSpace Hua Hin from Managing Director, Khun Akaradej Pantisoontorn.

“A few years after the opening of the boutique mall ‘Seenspace 13’ at Thonglor, Bangkok in 2011 we have grasped and sharpened our knowledge about lifestyle malls. We have a better understanding about our location, our visitors and our clients. We then came up with the idea of accomplishing another SeenSpace; one in a location that is different from Thonglor, that incorporates open space and fresh air, along with abundant and sensational activities. Most importantly a lifestyle mall that will have a phenomenal atmosphere. With the bright blue sky and light serene sea breezes, the city of Hua Hin is the ideal location for the next SeenSpace.

Hua Hin has always be a popular city for Thai and foreign visitors to visit with beautiful beaches and a short 2 hour drive from Bangkok. We will soon see SeenSpace at the Hua Hin beach with open-air spaces right next to the ocean where visitors enjoy delicious food, coffee shops, bars and much more. SeenSpace Hua Hin will be an astounding destination for visitors. With its long history, Hua Hin has always been compelling and classy. Today with world class hotels, resorts and spas, more than five millions tourists visit Hua Hin each year.

More than 4,500 units of luxury residential project and condos will soon be completed and more than 20,000 foreigners own their vacation houses in the area. In the near future, Hua Hin will become even more accessible for visitors by having high speed trains coming from Bangkok, direct flights to both international airports and ferries coming from Pattaya. SeenSpace will be located on the beachfront near Soi 35 on 7,200 square metres of beautiful land; easily accessible from both Soi 35 and Soi 29.

There will be fantastic ocean views with Royal naval ships to be seen, especially at sunset when decorating lights illuminating the ships. The simple concept is: ‘EAT STAY PLAY RELAX’. These are the four core activities used to design the Seenspace Hua Hin spaces and forms.”