Endangered Species Whale emerges at Sam Roi Yod



A whale shark with 2 meters in length was sighted near Sam Roi Yot National Park, Sam Roi Yot district, Prachuap Khirikhan on July 8.

Mr. Teera Bhoopasook, the owner of speedboat rentals, was taking a group of tourists from Kanchanaburi province to fishing at the sea in front of Sam Roi Yot beach. Then, they spotted the whale shark playing in the water.

Those tourists were amazed to see one of the rare marine animals up close, and excitedly pulled out their mobile phones to take pictures and shoot video.

Two days ago, Leatherback sea turtle and Bryde’s whale were also seen by fisherman at the same spot.

Most importantly, the appearance of the rare marine animals is an indication of the richness of natural resources around Sam Roi Yot Beach.

According to the Marine and Coastal Resources Department, false killer whales, Whale Shark, Leatherback sea turtle and Bryde’s whale are rare and protected by the Wildlife Protection Act of 1992.