Enhancing Your Beauty – in the House

Enhancing Your Beauty - in the House
Enhancing Your Beauty - in the House

It’s been 15 years since Khun Dedy arrived in Hua Hin from her native Ubon Ratchathani knowing no one and facing an uncertain future. But she felt safe being close to the royal presence and confident that she had found her new home.

Starting from a small stall near the night markets and establishing a reputation for client-care and for being able to meet the beauty needs of a rapidly growing clientele, that modest start blossomed into a business with five outlets and employing around 50 staff. Khun Dedy has also blossomed personally from being self-taught to being trained at the Nail Pro-Acadie in Bangkok. She has also taken on university studies and can boast a Master’s Degree in business and marketing from Stamford University. The business has been re-branded as ‘The House of Beauty’ and specialises in permanent make-up, typically eyebrows or eyeliner, but can provide cosmetic beautification in all areas of nail care, pedicure and facial treatments.

These days Khun Dedy’s key role is in teaching staff the skills of the trade as something of a “maître d’ salon”; whilst her daughter Khun Eye is the hand-on manager. Khun Eye has been a helper from a tender age at the market stall days. Both ladies are eager to keep up with modern practices and fashion trends so they often travel to ensure they are up with the latest in treatments, products and design. Khun Eye’s last overseas venture was to South Korea as a fashion hot spot and she was showing the results on her own hands with an elaborate and flamboyant nail design. From the humble market stall, The House of Beauty premises are now elegant and sophisticated salons where fashion conscious ladies (and some men) give their hands, feet (pedicures) and face a special brand of pampering.

Market Village Basement and 3rd Floor
Phone 032 510 616
Blúport Resort Mall Basement and 3rd Floor
Phone 032 804 288
And still at the Hua Hin Night Market!
Phone Dedy 086 338 179