Essential Trace Element & Heavy metal

Essential Trace Element & Heavy metal
Essential Trace Element & Heavy metal

Researcher, Dr. Henoy Schroeder, said that “Minerals are one of the important elements in human nutrition, even more than vitamins. Our body can make a great number of vitamins. On the contrary, our body can neither make more of the essential minerals nor remove excess minerals by itself.”

Do you know there is a tool that helps plan suitable health care and nutrition for your body balance? Change in nutrition is a way to restore your biochemical balance. It helps to decrease the risk of many diseases related to food and ingestion, either the top hit disease with the thyroid gland, neurological diseases, or even diseases related to the emotional condition.

The imbalance of minerals in our body affects our daily life in so many aspects; such as insomnia, easily tired, or fell ill often. Why? Minerals play a vital part in the operation of our organs. Too much or too little intake of minerals could cause abnormality throughout our body; such as the nerve conduction, muscle system, immunity, etc. For example; lack of Potassium may cause myasthenia, too many calcium may lower the production of your thyroid.

In addition to that the symptoms of headache, dizziness, swoon, muscle pain or fatique might also occur because your body receives the heavy metal. You can be exposed to heavy metal in your daily life, from either of the following factors:

  • Being in contact with industrial plants
  • Food and medicine
  • Unstandardized container or cookware
  • House paint, or even children’s toys

These factors are all tainted with heavy metal. Therefore, the examination of minerals and heavy metals is highly essential. It can indicate whether your body is lack of or been receiving an excessive amount of any minerals. It allows you to know which nutrition or minerals you lack or should cut down.

If you want to know the level of minerals or heavy metal in your body, it can be tested via blood, urine, and hairs or nails. However, research indicates that hair examination is the best and most accurate way because when your hairs grow, it will grow through lymph, blood, nutrients and any toxins that circulate in your body. When it grows out and the outer layer freeze, it will lock all minerals or heavy mineral in there, which is the same as your nails.

Blood examination would allow you to know the minerals level at the moment of examination period only. If you choose the hair examination, as well as nails, it will allow you to indicate the accumulated minerals level in general and not just the period of 1 day or 1 week. Urine examination would not indicate the accumulated minerals level in your body but will indicate the amount that is being excreted from the body.

As you can see, there are limitations to blood and urine examinations. Hence, hair examination would be of your best benefit as the minerals in your hair are highly concentrated, making it easier to find the cause of disease, if any.