European super league: “a closed chapter…” – Guardiola

European super league: “a closed chapter…” - Guardiola
European super league: “a closed chapter…” - Guardiola

Manchester City head Pep Guardiola said the failed European Super League (ESL) was a “closed chapter” after his team beat Aston Villa to move closer to becoming Premier League champions. Man City were one of 12 clubs to sign-in and joined the controversial ESL on Sunday, 18 April, but had suddenly back-out from the league on Tuesday after widespread criticism of the proposals, which would have seen no promotion or downgrading and a divided movement for English football.

“As a club we accept and learn and focus on the reason why we’re here,” said Guardiola. “It’s a chapter which is over, a closed chapter. They [the owners] don’t need to apologise [to me], I know them, I know how they are.” In another news source, Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli says the ESL project ‘cannot proceed’ as AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid joined the six Premier League clubs in withdrawing.

Agnelli was one of the chief architects of the breakaway plans, which involved 12 clubs from England, Spain and Italy. Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan had also announced their withdrawal on Wednesday, 22 April, followed by statements from Juventus and AC Milan.