Expat Chat by Jilly


Safely settled at the great Dammadaya Temple and teaching eager young monks, our Jilly send an article of interest from the world of Buddism. If only the world outside the temple walls could experience the gentleness and acceptance that is here within the temple. The vibration from monks and lay people who try to be conscious and behave with loving kindness to all here, is something so wonderful, I wish the entire world could experience this peace. I do know now, that it is because of the mediation that one does on a daily basis – it changes one.

I also believe that if we change ourselves, we can change the world around us. The International Dhammadaya Temple just outside Bangkok, is a place of profound peace and learning. One of the wonderful programmes on offer apart from Mediation courses and Buddhist studies is the The International Dhammadaya Ordination program (IDOP) where men between the ages of 18 -60 from all over the world, can ordain and become a Buddhist monk for month. This programme brings profound positive changes in life and allows access to deeper levels of calm that will produce great peace in daily life. The true essence of the Buddha’s teaching is given, as one finds the master within.

I think that becoming quiet in a busy world is the greatest gift one can give oneself in today’s hectic and demanding world. Being able to look within and see what is real and what is necessary in our lives, to have a clearer perspective than the one presented by the ego and to be rid of stress and anxiety – is really a gift of freedom This programme is offered free (except for a minimal registration fee of 3,500Baht or $100) to men between 18 and 60 years of age. The training begins at our beautiful temple just outside Bangkok where for ten days training will be given in the ways of mediation and the life of a Buddhist monk. Thereafter, at a memorable Ordination ceremony at our chapel, the novice will have his head shaved and be given the saffron robes of a monk and his unique experience will begin.

It almost makes me wish I was a man –to be able to leave the world behind for a month and return with the gift of peace is a remarkable opportunity for men everywhere. The people within the temple believe that if many people meditate and learn the art of loving kindnessthe world can be changed – a peaceful revolution is going on here. I wish more people knew about it. If anyone would like to visit the Wat, I would be very pleased to arrange your visit.