Extremely Rare Yellow Penguin In Once-In-A-Lifetime Photos

yves_adams/Instagram via Kennedy News

A wildlife photographer has shared a once-in-a-lifetime photo of what he believes is a “never before seen” yellow penguin.

Belgian landscape and wildlife photographer Yves Adams was leading a two-month photo exhibition in the South Atlantic in December 2019 when the group made a stop on an island in South Georgia to photograph a colony of over 120,000 king penguins.

While unloading some safety equipment and food onto Salisbury Plain, Adams noticed an unusual sight he had never seen before a penguin with bright yellow plumage.

yves_adams/Instagram via Kennedy News

Luckily for the photographers, the unique penguin landed on the beach close to the group, meaning they had a perfect view of it unobstructed by the sea of penguins and seals in the area.

Source: 9Gag