Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton contract talks to begin within a few days



Mercedes group boss Toto Wolff says he anticipates to begin talks with Lewis Hamilton over a new contract inside a couple of days.

Hamilton got to be the most successful Formula 1 driver in history on Sunday as he clinched his seventh world title. His contract finishes this year but he has said he wants to remain at Mercedes.

“Flying back from a seventh drivers’ championship, you can’t talk about a contract. It wouldn’t do equity to the accomplishment,” Wolff said to BBC Wear.

“Our relationship is much more than business, it is one of fellowship, one of believe.

Hamilton and Wolff had put off contract talks since they needed to secure the drivers’ and constructors’ championships first.

The circumstance was complicated by the pandemic, with not one or the other needing to extend Hamilton’s risk of catching coronavirus, which might have crashed his season. So they were constraining individual contact.

Everybody wants to work with Lewis Hamilton,” Webber said. The staff maintenance at Mercedes is extraordinary since they need to be included with victory and the sum of triumphs that he keeps racking up.

Source: BBC Sport