Facebook blocks page receptive to the Thai Monarchy


Facebook has blocked the controversial group page “Royalist Marketplace” known for being critical and sensitive to the Thai Monarchy. The media company could face defamation charges if the contents were not removed.

The group page had around 1 million members and had been very active before it was taken down. Pavin Chachavalpongpun, the page administrator is already facing charges related to the Facebook group.

Pavin, who is self-exiled and works as an associate professor in Japan, says the Facebook group played a vital role in authorising people to get involved in pro-democracy protests.

When members tried to open the page yesterday, an alert said “Access to this group has been restricted within Thailand pursuant to a legal request from the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society,” Pavin explained.

Facebook declined to comment when asked about why the page was blocked. However, the company said that when there’s a complaint regarding a post that violates local laws, they will restrict the content in that country.

Facebook has received several threats of legal action in the past from the Thai government and it has received a court order last August 10th to take down the contents that allegedly violated Thailand’s Computer Crime Act.

The Digital Economy and Society Ministry gave the media company 15 days to remove the contents or pay a fine of up to 200,000 baht with an extra 5,000 baht per day until the contents are removed.

Sources: The Thaiger | Bangkok Post