Fashion Accessories Trends Summer 2015

Fashion Accessories Trends Summer 2015
Fashion Accessories Trends Summer 2015

Relic Pendants

This summer it’s all about getting in touch with the old. Relic pendants is becoming one of the hottest accessories this summer of 2015 with hand shaped, traditional and natural looking charm necklaces that make a strong personality statement.

Natural Stones

Simple and natural is the way to go this summer. Natural stone jewelry is a musthave for a summer in Hua Hin. Bright, stylish stones in their natural forms set on chains, bracelets and earrings are perfect to rival the sweltering hot summer.

Statement Earrings

Big statement earrings never go out of vogue and the same is true for this summer as well. From simple hoops to over the top designs that only the brave dare try to pull off, statement earrings come in every shape, color, texture and design possible.

Wooden Jewelry

Wooden jewelry seems strange at first but when the warm tones of wood meets bright Hua Hin summers, it’s an explosion of au natural awesomeness. From necklaces, earrings to bracelets, wooden jewelry is dominating the trend this summer in its simplicity and myriad shades of wood.

Golden Jewelry

Pieces Nothing says luxury and majestic than gold. Warm gold necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets with intricate designs are the perfect accessories if you’re dressing up for a luxurious or casual evening.

Upper Arm Bracelets and Cuffs

Upper arm bracelets and cuffs are one of the most noteworthy of accessories this summer. Whether it is a delicate silver chain arm bracelet, coiled serpentine and bejeweled bracelet or thick gold cuffs, they look good with casual sleeveless tops or a fancy cocktail dress.

Massive Geometric Forms

Sometimes more is well…more. Go big this summer with big geometrically cut jewelry that exudes extravagance with edge and class. Big bracelets and earrings with bright stones and designs in edgy geometric shapes pair well with anything from evening gowns to beach wear.

Vintage Jewelry Designs

Old is Gold. This summer we are seeing a lot of vintage blazing the runways with bold, feminine and glamorous accessories. Floral designs and shapes, and bold colors that scream fearless glamour are seen on bracelets and necklaces.