First Round Senior Mixed Tennis


Tennis Mixed Doubles at the Hilton A mixed doubles Senior match took place at the Hilton centre court yesterday (Sept. 9) Welsh professional and F-ATP coach Steve Davies lined up with Khun Surissa , Marketing Communications Manager of Hilton Corporate in Bangkok. Miss Cherry , Chief Financial Controller of Hilton Hua Hin lined up with veteran legend GM of Surinam ( wishes not to mention his name). The Steve – Surissa team won a best of three in the last set clearly with 7-6,-6-7 and 6-3. The Surinam legend was sighted later on at Mai Tai licking off his wounds of defeat. Anyone interested in professional farang tennis lessons , please call Steve Davies at 0878057094. Steve also organizes Tennis matches , ussually played at the Palm Hills Country Club or the rooftop courts at the Hilton Hua Hin.