Flood Relief Center in Cha-Am

Flood Relief Center in Cha-Am
Flood Relief Center in Cha-Am

 The Cha-Am Municipality has set up an ad hoc Flood Relief center to provide assistance to current flood victims in Thailand. Now open for donation of money and supplies to ease the hardship of those affected by the ravaging flood, the center will provide beach jet skis as additional assistance.

The aim of the center is to unite all Thai people in time of hardship. The Center has already welcomed a lot of local people in Cha-Am who are contributors and supplies which the municipal staff will shortly distribute to those affected by the current flooding throughout Thailand.
Highly concerned about the people living in critical area where the high level of water hinders the donartion of supplies, the Cha-Am Municipality is providing them with jet skis during the flooding period.

The distribution was started on October 17, 2011. The Mayor of Cha-Am said that he was thankful to the Cha- Am people who wanted to help their national fellows by making immediate donations. The Cha-Am Municipality is pleased to serve as a focal point in collecting and distributing everything provided in Cha-Am to the people affected by the current flooding in Thailand.