Food Intolerance

Food Intolerance
Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is a type of food allergy implicated with a reaction caused by an Immunoglobulin G, (IgG), a type of antibody produced by our body. This type of allergy usually takes years to develop therefore it is more commonly found in adults than in young children because adults have been eating similar foods for years.

The common symptoms of food intolerance are enteritis, inflammation, acne, migraine, chronic skin rashes, bloating, indigestion, gassy stomach, and weight gaining with no reason, these symptoms are primarily chronic and cannot be treated by medicines.

The only remedy is to stop eating the food that your body reacts to, causing these symptoms. Food intolerance usually starts from leaky gut progression that could occur from many factors, some examples include a reaction to food, accumulated stress, various types of poison, certain medicines, germs, bacteria, and organ malfunction.

This is when a body has a gastrointestinal inflammation, (GI inflammation), especially at the small intestine area, allowing food and other factors mentioned above to leak through or affect the intestine leading to many other problems. Food intolerance and immune system issues are usually the first to occur following the IgG abnormal reaction in the body, the leaking is an issue because food must be processed through our digestive system whereby the nutrients would be absorbed into our body, not leak into other areas.

Once the leak happens, the autoimmunity would start because IgG is not a type of antibody built to fight germs or bacteria, hence, it starts to malfunction or work ineffectively and damage itself instead. Once this unfortunate process starts, it is not just a minor health issue anymore.

Among the foods that are found to commonly cause food intolerance are:

Gluten: proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley
Milk and dairy products produced from mammals, such as cows milk

If you suffer a reaction from food intolerance we suggest avoiding different types of food for 2 weeks to identify exactly which type of food you are intolerant to, and then once identified abstain from that food for 1-6 months, depending on the severity or the allergy reaction, to allow the body to restore itself.

Once the body stops getting food it is allergic to, it could function as usual. Nothing would prevent it from returning to normal again.