Liverpool to continue training in Austria camp despite Covid-19 quarantine rules


Liverpool will continue with their pre-season training in Austria, despite the country has been added to the United Kingdom’s Covid-19 quarantine list.

An announcement had been made last month that people entering the UK from Austria have to follow the government’s rules and self-isolate for 14 days.

But Liverpool is not affected by the ruling, having applied for an exemption by the Football Association as they will be playing two friendly matches.

“We’re in our own bubble,” Reds manager Jurgen Klopp mentioned in the club’s website.

“We do nothing to bring anybody or ourselves into danger and we just focus on football.

“Wherever we would be – in England, anywhere else or in Austria – we would do absolutely everything possible to make sure we create a safe place.

“We have trained, apart from two days, every day twice, which makes it really intense. We could do that at home but then the boys have to drive home and from a training point of view, it makes no sense,” says Jurgen Klopp.