The return of German Bundesliga – will it survive?

BUNDESLIGA 2020 - "Football without fans is nothing."

Soccer fans around the world were fervent on the German Bundesliga’s opening this month as it becomes the first major European soccer league to return amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was an experiment which involved no supporters– the element that provides the sport with excitement and passion. As the saying goes: “Football without fans is nothing!”

Germany’s top-rank division attracts an average of 43,300 people per game, but no more than 322 were allowed to attend the matches until the end of the season. All the remaining matches will be played behind closed doors.

The selected attendees were then split into three different zones – the stadium’s interior, exterior and the stands.

Only 98 people (including players, coaches and referees) were allowed around the field during the match and 115 others were at the stands which include emergency services, hygiene staff and journalists. The remaining 109, mainly security personnel were stationed outside the stadium.

“The matches will feel different,” said DFL CEO Christian Seifert. “After the first match-day, we all know why we preferred games with fans.”