FOOTGOLF – A new sport you’ll enjoy playing

(Photo: Thai Visa/Springfield Golf Club)

A combination of two of the world’s most loved sports, football and golf – the ‘footgolf’ is becoming rapidly popular the world over in recent years.

It has become well-known in the United States and Europe, which is also home to professional players with its own associations officially governing the sport.

The good thing about footgolf is that it is accessible to almost everyone, unlike the traditional golf, which is quite difficult for beginners to learn.

The game is basically played over 9 or 18 holes and a single kick is compared to a stroke of the golf club. Each hole and course has a par, just like in a golf tournament.

The player who completes a hole and the course with the least amount of shots is the winner.

(Photo: Thai Visa/Springfield Golf Club)

Moreover, Springfield Golf Club near Hua Hin had recently opened up one of its courses to footgolf, and every Saturday between 1pm and 5pm, players or beginners alike can play this recreational sport for only 150 baht per game.

Footballs and score cards are provided at the course, golf carts can be hired at extra cost if needed whilst having a caddie is unnecessary for obvious reason.

It’s an affordable way to play outdoors, get some exercise and having fun… all at the same time!

Original writer: Jonathan Fairfield
Source: Thai Visa