Lewis Hamilton committed as Mercedes launch 2021 F1 car

Hamilton can become the sport's most successful driver this season for titles won. Photo: Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton says he is still fully committed to success in Formula 1 despite signing only a one-year deal with Mercedes this winter.

The seven-time champion, 36, said he had twin goals of winning an eight title and pushing for real change on diversity within motorsport this year.

The Briton said, “I am fully invested in this season. I still love what I do.

“There was a great discussion around diversity last year, but what’s really important is we’re taking action.”

Mercedes have maintained the black livery to which they switched their cars in 2020 as a continuation of their push for diversity and anti-racism.

Hamilton said he was “proud” of the steps Mercedes were taking to make their team more inclusive and adding more opportunities for minorities.

His commission investigating the reasons for a lack of diversity in motorsport would deliver its first report in the summer.

Source: BBC Sports