A French Maestro in Hua Hin

A French Maestro in Hua Hin
A French Maestro in Hua Hin

Most recently he has ventured into the world of fashion design but also venturing to Hua Hin which has been his temporary home away from home for the past few months. Hua Hin Today had the privilege of spending time with Claude and his very elegant wife Christele recently, what a privilege!

Christele and Claude Valery at their Hua Hin residence with examples of Claude’s works of art

But first some insights from Charles Aznavour France’s popular and enduring singers. Aznavour is an international pop deity and a lifelong friend of Claude Valery. He provided a preface to the ‘Librio Mongraphico’ (Claude Valery’s published biography). A conversation with Claude inevitably reveals his connections with many amazing names amongst his favourite people. For example; Liza Minnelli, the Fellini family and other significant figures globally from the arts and aristocracy.

Claude with lifelong friend Charles Aznavour “He’s really a curious fellow this Claude Valery. He’s annoyed me ever since I’ve known him. He’s always annoyed me; he succeeds at whatever he touches. I swear it’s damned annoying. And it didn’t just begin yesterday. He had already succeeded at a number of things with the same joy. But never, no never, did he tell me that he was painting and then one day whamo, I got his shapes and colours right in the face.

I would like to have said to him just once; well no, this time no, but I could hardly ignore the truth. I loved what I saw and I still do love his work. You ask why? That is difficult; it’s not because he is my friend no, no. It touches me, it simply touches me. His paintings make me dream, I get inside them like I get inside myself, I swim through them, I cross over them, I travel inside them. They end up by becoming part of my daily life. I love them, what more can I say, I love them. There, that’s it, he’s a really curious fellow this Claude Valery and damned talented.” – Charles Aznavour

A sample of ‘Valerism’, Claude’s unique art style But the burning question; what is Claude Valery doing in Hua Hin? It’s fair to say that Claude’s past priorities have not really had an Asian focus. However his wife Christele commented that she has a different perspective and convinced him to join her in a trip to Thailand. Christele has long held a passion for travelling to the Asian region. This became a few months in Hua Hin to just relax, recharge the batteries and re-stimulate the creative juices. Since arriving in Hua Hin the couple has spent time exploring the artistic scene downtown and was aware that the Hua Hin Artist’s Village (Baan Sillipin) was a must-see art experience. We were able to extend Khun Nang’s invitation to Hua Hin Today to Claude and Christele as Baan Sillipin VIP guests. This was to attend an important exhibition featuring the work of Malaysian artist Jansen Chow.

About Jansen Chow Born in Kuantan, the state capital of Pahang Malaysia, Jansen Chow has been awarded memberships with renowned watercolour associations in the USA and Canada and has exhibited widely in both Malaysia and the international stage. The artist is famous for his signature techniques which include using stardust highlights, sequin effects and silver gelatin grains in many of his free-frame stills. Right: Jansen Chang’s artistic impression of downtown Hua Hin A Coming Together of Artistic Talent Baan Sillipin Hua Hin provided the ideal venue for both the exhibition by Jansen Chow, but also for his meeting with fellow artist Claude Valery.

This was a classic meeting of east meets west. A coming together of two likeminded artists with a passion for their craft who recognised and admired each other’s talent and abilities. One ability they share is the creation of art works from internal inspirations; an ability to transfer ideas of the mind to the canvas. Our thanks to Khun Nang and Khun Thawee from Baan Sillapin for their invitation to join the exhibition; but also to Alun and Ingrid for their introduction to their Hua Hin neighbour Claude Valery. Fashion Note: You may soon see the Claude Valery label at your favourite fashion outlet. If you spot these initials you will know that the item originates from a maestro in the world of art.