Fun, Weird and Offbeat June Holidays

Fun, Weird and Offbeat June Holidays
Fun, Weird and Offbeat June Holidays

The month of June is full of fun, bizarre and offbeat holidays that you can
celebrate, almost one for every day. Who even knew National Yo-Yo Day existed?

June 7th National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

This one speaks for itself. Feel free to dig into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or a waffle cone on this day

June 17th Eat Your Vegetables Day

A good day to remind your Dad to put down the steak and eat his veggies.

June 9th Donald Duck’s Birthday

Everyone’s favorite irate fowl debuted in the Silly Symphony cartoon ‘The Wise Little Hen’ on June 9th, 1934.

June 22nd National Chocolate Éclair Day

Two great, fun days. Just don’t let your pooch get into the chocolate éclairs.

June 10th Ballpoint Pen Day, Iced Tea Day

Two totally different June holidays celebrating cool things we take for granted.

June 26th National Chocolate Pudding Day

Dig in and enjoy good, old-fashioned pudding like grandma used to make.

June 15th National Flip Flop Day

Wear your flip flops to the nearest Tropical Smoothie Café and maybe receive a free smoothie. June 15th is also the day to smile for Smile Power Day.

June 4th National Cheese Day

Who doesn’t love cheese? This June celebrate everything from cheese soufflés to good, oldfashioned cheddar or maybe blue vein