Golf Tip September

Golf Tip September
Golf Tip September

Playing a Plugged Ball from the Bunker We have all encountered the dreaded plugged ball in the bunker. Here is a simple way of getting the ball back in play. The setup is similar to a normal bunker shot – shoulder-width stance, feet dug in for balance, ball played ahead of centre in the stance.

The club head will enter the sand at a point that corresponds to the dead centre of your stance – picture 1. Keep the club face square; not open like standard bunker shots. Remember to align your feet and hips only slightly left of target, shoulders square to the target and shift your weight more to your left side ( for a right handed golfer) – picture 2. Grip down the club for control and grip really tightly (grip pressure of 9 out of 10).

This will help prevent the club from twisting and decelerating quickly as goes deeply into the sand.
Now make a full swing and make sure that the club is traveling in a downward motion through the sand, there will be little or no follow through. Remember, there will be very little spin on the golf ball and you might have to accept the ball will roll past the pin. Don’t get too cute trying to finish pin high as you need to be very aggressive to get the ball out.

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