Majestic’s Report, Hua Hin Golf in Thailand

Majestic’s report
Majestic’s report

During the last 5 weeks we have been able to play 4 competitions, unfortunately the one scheduled for 22nd April was cancelled, due to a thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain on the morning of the competition.

Over the past few weeks, 2 of our members managed to return to Thailand from the USA, welcome back to Brian Callihoo and Dana Lilja, it is good to see you both competing once again. The Golf Course remains in excellent condition, despite the fact that we have had very little rain over the past few months, so once again we congratulate the ground and maintenance staff, and all the other staff in and around the Clubhouse.

We still have restrictions related to the Covid-19 situation, and would remind all our members and guests taking part in our competitions that masks should be worn at all times, we also request that the seating arrangements in the clubhouse are complied with in order to protect us all.

The number of players taking part has increased over the last few weeks with 37 members and guests playing in the Stableford competition on courses A and B on the 13th May. Results of all the competitions listed below. Any player wishing to take part in our Thursday competition can register in the pro shop, or by email to; – Reservations to be made by Tuesday evening and your tee time will be sent to you on Wednesday morning.

Results as follows:

29th April, Stableford Competition. 25 Players taking part
1st Jean Berruyer. Hcp 18 – 45 points
2nd Barry Haig. Hcp 18 – 36 points
3rd Ian Wooldridge. Hcp 12 – 36 points. (Losing on countback)
Guest Prize
Rob Jones. Hcp 18 – 32 points

Nearest the pin
Hole A4 Jean Paul Capbern
Hole A6 Jean Paul Capbern
Hole B12 William Sulman

6th May Stableford Competition

17 players taking part
1st Frank Ullrich. Hcp 5 – 40 points
2nd Dave Hammond. Hcp 21 – 38 points
3rd Samaang Jandong. Hcp 37 – 35 points

Guest Prize
Rob Jones. Hcp 18 – 27 points

Nearest the pin
Hole A4 Olivier Pinard
Hole A6 Dave Hammond
Hole B12 Maem Morungrong
Hole B17 Frank Ullrich

13th May Stableford Competition. 37 players taking part

1st Ian Wooldridge. Hcp 12 – 40 points
2nd Jackie Crawford. Hcp 28 – 39 points
3rd David Morris. Hcp 18 – 38 points

Guest Prize
Sam Burns. Hcp 26 – 37 points

Nearest the pin
Hole A4 Dana Lilja
Hole A6 Niki Thong
Hole B12 Malai Bisang
Hole B17 Paul Unthank

20th May Stableford Competition

1st David Crawford. Hcp 18 – 38 points
2nd Pau Morris. Hcp 16 – 37 points
3rd David Morris. Hcp 19 – 36 points

Guest Prize
Niki Thong. Hcp 9 – 35 points

Nearest the pin
Hole A4 Rob Jones
Hole A6 Olivier Pinard
Hole B12 David Crawford
Hole B17 Ian Wooldridge