Grand Thai Boxing Gym

Grand Thai Boxing Gym
Grand Thai Boxing Gym

Hua Hin has its very own Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) venue right in the heart of the city. Gran Thai Boxing Gym has been hosting fights and offering training for 11 Years. You can act up close and personal, as rising amateurs duke it out just a few feet from your seat. You can also receive training from professional fighters six days a week.

Training is available all week except Sunday, from 9am-7pm.You can choose the receive one-on-one training. This time is spent with a trainer working directly with you, to help you execute maneuvers safely and correctly. The trainer will help you improve your skills and also push you positively to make improvements and stay focused. This fee also covers your access to workout materials available at Grand Thai Boxing Gym. You can stay as long as you’d like to continue working the bags, lifting weights, or observing other students training to help you get another perspective. Many students sign up for Muay Thai training with no intention of ever fighting anyone. Muay Thai training makes an excellent exercise program for the entire body, especially the cardio-vascular side.

Grand Thai Boxing Gym also has Bar & Restaurant with Live music every day. You can rent a place to Party Concert by personally .also has Gym, Sauna, workout in friendly place. You can use service everyday. The main draw for Gran Thai Boxing Gym is, of course, the live fight. This are held every Wednesday & Friday night, from 9pm-11pm each night there are five fights with five rounds each one round lasts for three minutes. You can enjoy the fights from floor seating, or move up into the grandstands .While floor seating is certainly a ringside seat, the stands will make you feel like you’re almost in the ring! The fighter are also close you feel like you could reach right out and touch them.

Even though the Fighters are amateurs, the fighting is very real and extremely intense “Real and True fighting” Occasionally, Gran Thai Boxing Gym hosts professional bouts, and these are not to be missed!
Grand Thai Boxing Gym is definitely a great destination to experience one of Thailand’s oldest traditions. With Grand Thai Boxing Gym being in the center of Hua Hin it’s also a simple trip to see real Muay Thai for you.

Grand Thai Boxing Gym is located on the main Phetchakasem Road or you can tell to Taxi or Tuk Tuk goes to Grand Market. You’ll see the sign for Grand Thai Boxing Gym. Please call us for more information Tel. 088-240 0678 (Thai-English)
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