Health Alternative in Hua Hin Sukkasart Instutute of Healing Arts


As today´s modern lifestyle stress seems to be considered as a major influence to overall health and has major effects in our well-being. Most of discomfort and pain such as neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, stiff fingers, cold hands and feet including poor digestive problem of constipation, gastric reflux and sleeping disorder have become common dis-ease to our living.

Once the stress takes over your body, it has major effects on muscle tension that could result in poor circulation and poor nerve impulse. People may respond to these problems as weakness and try to overcome these conditions with hyperactive movement. Stress has been seen as a factor that affects body, mind and emotional well-being. Once the body stresses it loses their natural resource of energy thus result of poor motivation and could be shown as poor posture.

In general if we all have energy to cope with difficult situations we can foresee this task as challenges to overcome, however once the body is weak and it will be unable to overcome the situation, stress will start approaching your body, mind and emotion condition. General relaxation techniques could be used to prevent you from accumulating too much stress, positive thinking is a better tool to deal with the situation, and mind training also helps everyone sustain the mind to rest and not be over active.

At Sukkasart, integration of body and mind is the key to nurture happiness and life harmony as we live to love and be loved. Your journey at Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts starts from a holistic consultation to identify your needs and wants, and dis-ease of your physical, mental and emotional status, and recommend the treatments and wellness activities that bring you back to your own harmony. Under the tree of happiness; Sukkasart also shares our passion on other activities:

• Sukkasart Cultural Communication focuses on cross cultural communication and encourages everyone to speak with fluently with confidence as the key to their personal fulfilment.

• Sukka Organization (Happiness in Organization) is to promote the flow of happiness throughout organizations ambience and manner and including a series of wellness activities and workshops.

• The Institute of Healing Arts mainly facilitates everyone to discover their own seed of happiness and enjoy their journey of self fulfillment. The Institute is also offer the integration of body and mind workshops or alternative health workshops and courses including natural products.

Everyone is welcomed to drop by and seek for health alternative advice and treatments. Be part of Sukkasart community by join our fan page on

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