How Bangkok Hospital saved my life

How Bangkok Hospital saved my life
How Bangkok Hospital saved my life

The physician administered medication but I was just not getting better no matter what we tried. Finally, we went to the Bangkok Hospital where a different diagnose was made and I was admitted to the ICU unit with a severe Pneumonia severed by some in affective medication which triggered the lung infection and made things a lot worse.

By now I was very weak and not out of life danger. At the BKK hospital I was treated correctly by professional staff. After a few days I was released but needed to take strong medication to recover.

Only later I was told that my life was at danger and I was able to jump the bullet this time. I would like to publically express my sincere gratitude to the staff, nurses and doctors for the intensive care that was immediately taken of me and for practically saving my life at the last moment.

Thank you very much.