How To Stay Healthy In 2011


Health is a very important factor in our lives. It is closely related to wellbeing, happiness, mobility and survival. In our modern world, we go through health checks, our blood is monitored, we are put on diets, we work out and our cardio-system is closely watched.
Yet very often we abuse of our health and are abused off as well. Through healthy food, moderate alcohol intake and avoiding smoking we can reach a relative happy and healthy seniority. However, by unsaggurated fats intake, fried foods and combinations of protein and carbohydrates, abuse of alcohol and nicotine, our live can be shortened considerably. Emissions, polluted cities and contaminated water and dirty food will help shorten it even more.
Thailand possesses a fine selection of modern hospitals with state of the art equipment to recover us should anything go wrong. I have tried to shed some light on two alternative healing. One being medicine treatment as we know it when we visit a physician and the other being alternative healing methods including alternative, natural herbal medicine, yoga and other healing practices.
As partners we chose the newly opened Bangkok Hospital, represented by Dr. Michael Moreton and the Health Alternative – Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts. There is no competition as both offer alternative services whereas a clinic is irreplaceable when it comes to emergency, life saving treatments and therapies. Healing Arts include sound and light therapies, massages, yoga exercises’ and herbal treatments. All for the best of us and each one an attribute towards long, healthy life.