Hua Hin 191 Emergency Center


Recently officially opened by the Commander of the Royal Thai Police Office and the Prachuab Khirikhan Police Commander, the Hua Hin 191 Emergency Center is the first following Bangkok to introduce a modern and high-tech innovation on emergency notification used in many countries worldwide. Those reporting any crime or call for emergency services anywhere in Hua Hin can do so via modern communication devices, such as mobiles phones, or mobile Pads and home phones. Once connected to the center by dailing 191 on their phone and inform an authority about the incident, an inspector in the nearby the area will immediately proceed to the scene.

Within the Hua Hin municipal area, CCTVs are installed at electricity posts. Irregularities captured by the machines are be transmitted to the Emergency Center, thus helping officers to identify a wrongdoer or criminal action. Electronic recording boxes or so called red boxes will be located around the city. The boxes help police inspectors to work more effectively as they place their I.D. card on the box and the signal will turn up at the Emergency Center’s control room. Pol. Gen. Wichien Potphosri, the Commander of the Royal Thai Police Office, said that opening the Hua Hin 191 Emergency Center is an active strategy of the government and the Thai Royal Police Office to protect life and property of people in Thailand. Besides, it is responsible for taking care of His Majesty the King and royal family members when they are staying in Hua Hin as well.

“Since we already have technological improvements, we urgently need to increase our police force. Presently, the Royal Thai Police force counts 212,000 officers nationwide. This is not enough for the growing number of residents and visitors and the increasing crime rates in the country. Cooperation from residents, volunteers, community invigilators known in Thai as ‘Home Police’ and traffic police volunteers, is much needed,” added Pol. Gen. Wichien. “In Hua Hin, 7,000 more police officers are to be employed to work at the Hua Hin Police Office.” The pilot project on Hua Hin 191 Emergency Center, if successful, will soon be expanded to all provinces in other parts of Thailand, concluded Pol. Gen. Wichien.