HUA HIN BIZTALK, Khun Thanaporn (Yui) Kositchaiwat, G Hua Hin Resort

HUA HIN BIZTALK, Khun Thanaporn (Yui) Kositchaiwat, G Hua Hin Resort
HUA HIN BIZTALK, Khun Thanaporn (Yui) Kositchaiwat, G Hua Hin Resort

Originally from Chumphon, Khun Yui moved to Bangkok to pursue her education, then left for Canada where she studied and majored in Internet Publishing. In year 2000, she moved to Hua Hin when she married Khun Nattawat Kositchaiwat (Jiang) and joined Khun Jiang’s family business “Gee Un Tung”.

At the time they managed a pharmacy located at the corner opposite to Chao Lay Seafood on Naresdamri Road by the Fishing Pier, there she had the idea to use a POS system to manage stocks and sales.

A few years later, she helped open G Supermarket, located right after the railway track on Hua Hin Soi 70, on the left. In 2008, Khun Yui and her husband opened their first hotel, G House, on the road to Hin Lek Fai, leading them into the fascinating world of the hospitality industry, “a bold move, we had so much to learn!” says Khun Yui.

In 2012, G Hua Hin Resort & Mall, a boutique city resort with 90 keys, opened at the corner of Soi 94. Khun Yui recalls, back in 2000 when she first arrived, most of the foreigners living and visiting Hua Hin were Europeans, but in the past few years and before the pandemic, there has been a shift and more Asians were visiting our riviera. “We hope to see them soon again”, she added.

[Hua Hin Today:] What do you like about Hua Hin?

It is a vibrant and peaceful coastal city, without the inconvenience of an agitated night life. There is a nice balance between international travelers and the domestic market, its uncrowded and makes Hua Hin more family friendly compared to cities like Pattaya, there is a nice feeling of nature and relaxation, which adds to the charm of Hua Hin.

[Hua Hin Today:] How are you surviving the pandemic?

It is by all means the toughest period we’ve known, for all businesses in the region, including ours. We were facing many challenges and had to balance between our financial reserve, minimizing costs without jeopardizing the guest experience and keep our team together, we worried about their welfare.

It was heartbreaking to see our hotel holding a shallow occupancy and keeping the team motivated. It was already hard in the past, to find qualified employees and keep them, but nowadays it is even harder.

We had to introduce multi-tasking to our team members, which in normal circumstances is difficult for them to willingly carry out tasks outside of their job descriptions, but with patience and convincing, we prevailed and successfully changed their mindset, they’ve adapted. However, employees need to understand that multi-tasking allows them to acquire other skills which are key points today, especially if they are looking for a new employment.

[Hua Hin Today:] What is your biggest challenge, today?

Marketing! People tend to buy before they see and meeting their expectations through clear communication is challenging.

Prices and services have been adapted to the pandemic situation and clients have raising expectations, it is hard, at times, to make both ends meet.

Finding good and qualified employees, willing to improve and multi-task is another challenge, one I believe will raise more challenges in the future. We are willing to give a chance to everyone to learn and become better, but they need the will to do so.

[Hua Hin Today:] What would you like to see happen in Hua Hin over the next 5-years?

Besides the airport opening, there are many businesses that are still unknown, such as organic farms, small fishing businesses, and more… some of them, I’ve just discovered during the pandemic.

Thai people love tasty & fresh food made with good raw products. You cannot go wrong using good quality raw products for a dish, it contributes to 50% of the taste, the other 50% being the know-how and twist of the chef. There are many companies in Hua Hin, producing outstanding quality products but no one heard of them.

[Hua Hin Today:] What do you think is missing in Hua Hin?

Togetherness! There is a lack of unity amongst businesses and if we could all join forces together as one hand, to promote our city and vicinities under a “Experience Hua Hin” slogan, it would give a chance to these unknown businesses and the rest of us to be exposed, adding value to the destination and a chance to standout.