Hua Hin Hospital to Upgrade Services: New Director

Hua Hin Hospital
Hua Hin Hospital

The new Director of Hua Hin Hospital is planning to upgrade the hospital’s service by restructuring the Executive Board and improving patient services. A new building for car parking and significant renovations of existing buildings is also planned. The planned budget for these upgrades amount to 260 million THB. On 16th May 2016, Dr Somchai Thepcharoenniran, the new Director of Hua Hin Hospital and staff, attended a ceremony to mark the 54th anniversary of Hua Hin Hospital. The hospital was initially located on Naeb Khehas Road, however after Mr. Suchai O-suwan gave 14 Rai of land to build the hospital in 1979, Hua Hin Hospital has been located at the present site since then. Dr Somchai said that he wanted to transform the hospital into a multi-purpose medical centre where qualified and highly experienced doctors and nurses were working together for the care for all patients.

The project will be called ‘Wherever You Are, We will Be There’. Services of the hospital will be extended to Naeb Khehas Road, the original location. Construction of an eight story building is being carried out at that site. The first floor will become a medical centre for patient admissions with the second to the eight floors will be a dormitory for doctors and hospital staff. The construction costs are around 70 million THB. The completed new building will be as big as the current hospital. The objective of the new building is to serve as a medical centre for treatment. Daily hospital admissions are currently around 2,500 patients daily. Besides the personnel and the medical equipment, the parking lot is also important for relatives of the patients who drive to the hospital. The plan is to renovate an old building at the hospital as a 10 story administrative centre.

The first and the second floors will be dedicated to pharmaceutical and other materials distribution, while the rest will become a parking facility with a 600 vehicle capacity. The budget used by the hospital is normally from the Public Health Ministry. This budget depends upon local people registering at the hospital. However medical treatment is offered to outside people and foreigners. The Hospital Director has asked the Hua Hin Municipality to register as many people as possible, including those who are entitled to the public social welfare, to increase the available budget allocation and to provide for improved services. The construction of the new buildings has a budget of 260 million THB. The contract was signed on 31st March with a private construction company. Completion will be in March 2018. The hospital has asked for the cooperation of all patients and visitors during the construction. Medical treatment will continue to be available all day and night as usual.