Hua Hin Mayor Approves Underground Electrical System

Hua Hin Mayor Approves Underground Electrical System
Hua Hin Mayor Approves Underground Electrical System

The new Mayor of Hua Hin has recently approved the project of putting electrical, telephone and cable wires underground along Damnern Kasem Road after the ATT Co. Ltd. met and discussed with him about this issue. This project, which is expected to start in 2014, is now being surveyed and planned. Its tentative budget is around 300 million Baht. If successfully done, the Hua Hin Muncipality will proceed further to Nares Damri Road.

Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul, the Hua Hin Mayor, said that representatives of ATT Co. Ltd. had met with him since 14 September and proposed a plan of underground electrical system along Damnern Kasem Road, starting from the Hua Hin Train Station to the entrance of Hua Hin beach, which covers 1 kilometer.

At the moment, a survey of the affected area is being conducted, especially footpaths, shops and houses, because each area and building needs particular type of work. Moreover, municipal officials have to coordinate with Telecom of Thailand (TOT), Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and onwers of cable wires on how to install and maintain all the undergrounded lines and wires as well as how to take care of trees on both side of Damnern Kasem Road.

The budget for the project is divided into planting and taking care of trees along the road which costs 50 million Baht and putting all electrical lines underground which costs 250 million Baht. The ATT will conduct a land survey in 2013 and then present its plan to Hua Hin Municipality. When the budget is approved, the company will start working immediately in 2014. This work is expected to complete within one year. “The Damnern Kasem will be more beautiful after all electrical and other wires are put underground.

It’ll become a walking street for Thai and foreign visitors in Hua Hin like many roads in other counties,” said Mr. Nopporn, adding that, when the project completes and the road becomes beautiful and physically lively, the Hua Hin Municipality will propose this similar project for Nares Damri Road which is an area of local fishers but full of scattering electrical and cable lines, resulting in unattractive landscape.