Hua Hin Police Inspector promoted to Bangkok Position

Hua Hin Police Inspector promoted to Bangkok Position
Hua Hin Police Inspector promoted to Bangkok Position

Thanks to his constant effort on tourism promotion and good work on crime suppression in collaboration with provincial police in Hua Hin throughout 2010, the Hua Hin Police Inspector is now looking forward to a promotion in Bangkok in February. Pol. Lt. Kuekkong Dissawat, the Police Inspector of Hua Hin, has worked with local police and tourist police for three years on monitoring tourist attractions in the city, such as beaches, archeological sites and providing a procession-leading car for cultural or traditional events.

At night, he also patrolled several tourist spots, namely the Hua Hin night market, beach restaurants and night festivals. His colleagues and staff can speak English fluently, thus being able to solve problems, cases and misunderstanding among tourists, most of whom are from Europe and Scandinavia. In 2010, there was an incident that tainted the good image of Hua Hin – a murder of a foreign correspondent and two disabled foreigners.

But Pol. Lt. Kuekkong, with cooperation of Hua Hin local police, was able to track down and arrest the wrongdoer for further prosecution. This work has impressed a lot of tourists in Hua Hin. “Hua Hin is the most famous holiday getaway for both Thais and foreigners due to its ideal location and atmosphere. A lot of events are organized each month. Although tourism in Thailand was slow down in many parts of Thailand last year, Hua Hin’s was intact.

And I believe that, with cooperation of local and private sectors, tourism in Hua Hin will remain good and may become better this year,” said Pol. Lt. Kuekkong. Having worked very hard for the betterment of Hua Hin, Pol. Lt. Kuekkong will be promoted as the Deputy Superintendent for the Tourist Police Office at the Suvanabhumi International Airport in Bangkok in February. Although he is leaving Hua Hin, his heart has already been given to the lovely beachfront city. The new Deputy Superintendent said he would support tourism in Hua Hin and would recommend it to visitors in Thailand.