Hua Hin School Launches English Programs


The Hua Hin School is going to launch a special program taught in English, following the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. The program will which accepts only 30 students, will also promote Thai culture and identity. According to the head of the school’s English Programs Ajarn Phairod Rangsimarat, the school’s Director Mr. Sawad Saohong is planning to launch the project. Students who would like to participate need to pass an entrance exam in February. The classes will start in March. The aim is to equip students with high level English communication skills to enhance career and advanced education prospects. The participants will attend classes on a normal basis.

Additionally they will have the opportunity to take a field trip to study in Vietnam, the Philippines or Singapore. The field trip will enable them to broaden their experiences living overseas and studying with foreign students away from Thailand. Parents who would like their children to attend the English Programs should inform teaching staff of the Hua Hin School.

Besides the English Programs, the school is now considering upgrading and enhancing its teaching capacity and learning opportunities in preparation for the ASEAN future. Thai students should possess high quality education, particularly knowledge of the English language. The Hua Hin School has been produced many highly qualified students, particularly in the areas of the military, civil service and sport. There are 2,118 students at the school, 1,212 of whom are studying at the lower secondary level while 906 are at the higher secondary level. Of the 115 teachers, 12 are Thai teachers of English and 5 are English native speakers.

Apart from the English Programs, the school offers Thai culture education and recognises that students should understand how important their own culture is in an increasingly global society.