Hua Hin Tennis Club Launched

Hua Hin Tennis Club Launched
Hua Hin Tennis Club Launched

Tennis players in Hua Hin have set up a tennis club to welcome international tennis players and help upgrade the city as a focal point for tourism and sport of Thailand. A past Mayor of Hua Hin, Mr. Athikhun Butying, told Hua Hin Today that he and local tennis players had launched the club, following the recommendation of Mr. Suwat Liptapanlop, the Chairman of the Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand.

Mr. Suwat said that many world-class tennis players visit Hua Hin to join national tennis matches a couple of times every year. Setting up a tennis club will increase the profile of Hua Hin in the sport. The Hua Hin Tennis Club is chaired by Mr. Athikhun with Mr. Supot Meesawad and Mr. Amnart Pinkaew as deputy chairpersons.

The Club has around 50 youth and adult tennis players and is based at the Thawimuk Sport Complex Hua Hin. Novice tennis players will learn the sport from professional trainers while those with experience can also instruct the young ones. In April a national tennis tournament took place in Hua Hin and Mr. Santi Bhirombhakdee, representing Boonrawd Corp., gave financial support for local tennis players in Hua Hin to join this event.

Mr. Athikhun said that Hua Hin already has tennis players who have played at international competitions, namely Sakolwan Khacharoen and Suphot Meesawad. In recent times tennis in the City has received little support however with the Club opening it is hoped that more top level tennis players will emerge be involved in international matches in the future. Foreign and Thai residents in Hua Hin who would like to encourage their children to become tennis players are welcome to become members of the Hua Hin Tennis Club. Their children can practice the sport regularly with other members.

All young trainees who sufficiently undergo the training from the club may later be able to take part in both national and international tournaments.