In a diner meeting hosted by George Mastronikolis, on the 12th of July and attended by an illustrious group of the Hua Hin municipality, the Mayor of Hua Hin, Khun Jira Pongphaiboon, the Deputy Mayors mr. Suvit Rianrungruang and Pol.Col. Damrongsak Thong-ngarmtrakul, the chief of Hua Hin police force, the President of The Prachuab Chamber of Commerce Khun Sura-at Narongrit and Deputy Assistant District Officer mr. Jirawat Prammanee,the owner of Hua Hin Today presented it´s contribution to the Hua Hin Environment authorities. Further guests were Mr. Lars Castenlund, developer of Black Lotus. Lotus Villas & Resort Hua Hin and Regal Residence represented by Khun George Mastronikolis. The Norwegian R eal Estate Agent, Mr. Morten Sveistrup and Khun Noi Wannaphaiboon the Editor of Hua Hin Today

The nature of the meeting it was to exchange ideas and discuss possibilities of closer co-operation between foreigners that live or work here and the local authorities.

Khun George expressed his worries about the massive growth of Hua Hin and the environmental problems that come with it, together with other issues such as road conditions and infrastructure, in special in areas where many foreigners live and prestigious developments exists. He mentioned that these areas highlight Hua Hin as an alternative residential and investment destination for upper class Expats, the rising traffic and parking problems etc.

The issues of problems with reference to the condition of the roads in various places of Hua Hin, the Mayor confirmed that he and his team very well understand the problems and are trying to solve them, but also he mentioned that there is a limited budget in the municipality that makes it difficult to solve all the problems. Khun George raised the idea of a forum between foreigners and the authorities to help solve the problems.

He specifically mentioned the area in which he built his first projects in Hua Hin soi 114 and soi 116 and mentioned that this has become an increasing Foreign Residents area, with more than 200 farang house owners living there. He also believes if all these foreigners can be informed properly by the authorities for the problems, he is sure they can help and can donate money to solve the problems together. He believes that the communication between the parties and not the money is the real problem.

The authorities have welcomed the idea and both parties decided to work together to build up a committee with foreigners and Thai authorities which can work together and try to find solutions for all these problems. Members of this association can be any foreigner that lives in the area more than 3 months a year.

Hua Hin Today will work as a mediator between the authorities and the people.

The Deputy mayor Khun Suvit Rianrungruang informed the participants in this meeting about the extension of the road in Soi 112 which will be completed by year 2012. From Petchkasem road all the way to the By Pass Highway, there will be a four lane road connection. The same as the present first kilometer at the entrance of Soi 112. The necessary budgets have already been approved.

To not keep all these efforts only in words but also make it happen, Hua Hin Today presented it´s contribution to the Hua Hin Environment.

To indorse his commitment to the environment Khun George as developer of Lotus Villas & Resort Hua Hin wants to create environmental awareness among Hua Hin citizens and Tourists. Hua Hin Today is offering 100 mountain bicycles to the municipality which will be placed in strategic areas in the city where locals and foreigners alike can use them complimentary to ride around the city or use them for as alternative transportation in the city.

After the request of Pol.Col. Damrongsak Thong- Ngarmtrakul, 14 mountain bicycles will be donated to the police, to patrol the city.

Following by Mayor of Hua Hin, Khun Jira Pongphaiboon request, 30 children’s bicycles will be donated to the local municipality to be distributed in local schools. These bicycles can be used by children in an effort to create an environmental awareness amongst them. The donations were well appreciated by the Authorities. The bicycles will be delivered by the end of September this year.

Hua Hin Today has also committed to try to build a strong and healthy community of local foreigners and will offer them various incentives and facilities like:

• Free newspaper delivery to the houses of all *registered house owners or residents in Hua Hin area every month

• Direct access to the authorities and their forum by making Email Addresses available for all the important government departments so that everybody can send emails in the English language direct to these departments.

• Free web addresses of all local clubs, like Tennis Club, Golf, Bridge club among others. The clubs will have the opportunity to post all their programs to members but most importantly, to find new members.

• The clubs will operate completely individual.

Hua Hin Today also will work to achieve for its members the following

• Free registration in the classifieds (www.huahintoday. com)

Hua Hin Today will approach local Hotels, Golf courses, Spa, Restaurants, Bars, Shops, and discus the possibilities of promotional discounts and services to all foreign residents

• A free Hua Hin Today card will be issued for all the registered members to present upon use.

Hua Hin Today will only operate as initiator of these ideas

• Free registration to our Hua Hin Today community

Hua Hin Today also is open to new ideas and activities that can come for all residents

*A free house delivered copy of Hua Hin Today monthly Newspaper and Food Lovers for all members, Application form can be downloadable from our website www.