Hua Hin Today Donates to Myanmar Border Village

Hua Hin Today Donates to Myanmar Border Village
Hua Hin Today Donates to Myanmar Border Village

It was a long awaited trip to visit the village of Baan Wang Takeian on the border with Myanmar in Prachuab Khiri Khan Province, only 15 km from Prachuab Khiri Khan City.

The Head of the village was waiting for us on the main road. The road was in very good condition and accessible by car. When we arrived at the village, a pleasant surprise was waiting. In a small white central building with a few houses around, a small group of kids was singing a Christian song as we entered. To our surprise this building is a Christian church. Unlike more familiar churches, this was just an open room with a white cross at the back and a table.

The Head of the village is also a priest who read something in a strange language from a very old bible. This village is a small Christian community, with more than 90% of the 150 residents being Christians, most of them dressed in traditional clothing. They are 30 families in total, with the oldest person a 95 years old man, with his face showing the suffering of a hard life and the youngest just one 1 year old.

The history of this village goes back to a time after the finish of civil wars in the area between different factions of rebels from Burma and the army. A few families escaped the violence and moved to the Thai side of the mountains. The government of the time helped them, offering a small piece of land to live. The land is 5 Rai next to the river with very good soil to rebuild their lives. At that time there were only 6 families, in the years to come the number has grown thanks to the generosity of Thai authorities. However this small community is now facing many issues to survive. None of the residents have ID cards or any kind of identification so they cannot leave the area, cannot own anything significant or even drive a motor bike.

They must stay there, with the men working at local farms when work is available. The villagers lack the basic essentials, with water as the main problem. They collect rainwater and have only an open well as their source of drinking water. There is a limited electricity supply with small paths inside the village becoming muddy after rain when they must walk in the mud.

They need help from us; any help. But when asked about their first priority, they said that 30 plastic chairs are needed for the church so that believers can pray to God. Hua Hin Today has delivered some of their basic needs such as clothes, shoes, tooth brushes and toothpaste, school equipment, rice, sugar and toys for the kids as they really have nothing.