Hua Hin Today’s Fashion Guide for the Next Season



Some of you might know, some other might not, but Fashion Month is over, and we’ve finally had a minute to take in all the big themes for Spring 2014. We are going to share with you what will be the most suitable fashion to wear for the next Spring-Summer 2014 in Hua Hin and Cha –Am.


If you didn’t manage to keep a track of the fashion,  fear not. Our eyes are everywhere from New York to London, Milan, and Paris to make sure you can keep up with trends without much effort.  Even better there’s already trend items you can find in our town…. you don’t believe us… ? Then check this out.




Taking inspiration from the French Riviera in the twenties, collections have a slick nautical theme perfect for ladies.

Crisp clean whites offset with navy adding to the ‘by-the-seaside’ feel of the collection.



More like the feeling of 90’s, with a minimalist sporty silhouette found in most of the collections at Paris, New York, London and Milan. Casual play is not only reserved for sporty labels we see now courtiers are also working their charm into sporty apparels. The use of cycling shorts is very prominent and an interesting styling trick for short dresses. Sweat pants and jumpers are can create a casual yet chic ensemble. The shorts were seen at Mugler, while Mouret put his boxy-shouldered jackets right in centre focus. Micheal Kors is all about the scuba suits type apparel.


Athletic influences are manifested in hooded pullovers, zippers, mesh, ponchos, and shorts. Designer crafted sportier wear with a modern eye and a sexier feel. The result is a look that wasn’t made for playing sports at all.



Fashion’s favorite tribal influence, is now derived from the Aztec of Central Mexico.  The ever so popular Aztec prints take centre stage once again, while the characteristic bright colored Aztec prints were realized at Mara Hoffman.  Look at the Picture below… the outfit is from our own CICADA MARKET for under 500baht. They have designas in skirts, long pants, and over floral and tribal patterns. You do not have to be rich to look good.



Dusting yourself off with some mineral shades will bring the outfit to a higher level… metallic colors are no longer saved just for the nights out, you can wear them during the day too… it’s just a matter of balance.






Whether shown on the runway as a crop top, striped skirt, suit, coat, colour-blocking print, or head scarf one things for sure, designers can’t get enough of the classic black and white combo.  Black and white is definitely a trend that has carried over from season to season and still as strong as ever. And it doesn’t stop at the women’s wardrobe. The major trend on just about every runway is men’s wear inspired by black and white looks.  Colour-blocking and graphic prints with classic black and white color trends are in!



Once on the lips, now this colour has moved into the wardrobe.  Orange is definitely the new-black for next Spring; as we spotted in all the Spring 2014 ready-to-wear shows. You will just have to find the perfect orange shades for your bag and shoes.



This trend is not for the faint of heart… for those of you who enjoy the spotlight there’s no better way to get your daily dose of attention than wearing full-on electric colours!

It’s all about putting two prints that most would never expect to see together…



Sweet and Fun… It’s just like a Candy Bar atmosphere… Mixing with Oranges tones…. And you will have the Must Look of the Season.




This trend is just appearing more after its introduction last year. It’s like we’re all back in the 80’s showing off our midriffs but in a more sleek yet fun way.


Midsections were out on display this Fashion Week, exposing the entire stomach or just a tempter.  We think it is time to renew your gym membership, and get your midriff into shape for next summer, trust us!  It is never too late; don’t use a crop top up over a muffin belly J



Light and easy, with a natural movement that can’t help but be graceful, all the pleats heading down Paris’s runway definitely made us smile. There was the classic, sharp-as-ice variety as well as some architectural tricks that require a lean-in to see whether it’s a true pleat or not. Either way, there’s a look for everyone.



The opposite of body formed outfits or formfitting trousers and shorts, the slouchy silhouette is relaxed and, most importantly, comfortable. The pajama-like trouser is still here and long; Bermuda shorts with a built-in casual vibe were spotted frequently, too.



A whole host of designers got literal; printed tops, jerseys, and even legs (yep!) with scrolling words. Whether it’s a straightforward message or something a bit more puzzling, one thing’s for sure: it’s all there for us to read and figure out.


Below is an Easy DIY crop top with Wording. Follow us and Express yourself.