Hundreds of Japanese restaurants closed this year

Chains of Japanese restaurants operating in a shopping mall in September 2019, boasting a high of concentration of Japanese cuisines in Thailand. (Photo: NNA/Kyodo)

Thailand possessed a high popularity of Japanese restaurants, but many outlets were forcibly closed this year as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

JETRO, a government-related organisation supporting Japanese companies operating overseas, recently conducted a survey of Japanese restaurants in Thailand.

Reports said that 726 had closed this year, a 90 percent jump over last year’s survey.

JETRO Bangkok President Taketani Atsushi said, “We can say that the reason for the closures was that the pandemic made competition among restaurants fiercer. Some Japanese restaurants even switched to offering different styles of food.”

The closures come as the Thai economy, which is highly dependent on tourism, continues to suffer from the pandemic.

JETRO says restaurant closure rate may continue until next year.

Source: NHK World