Illegal possession of protected species


The red-whiskered bulbul or crested bulbul is one of a bird species, belonging to the bulbul family, and is considered a protected wildlife.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment it is illegal to have in possession a crested bulbul without permission.

On November 4, Mr Wanchai Singhto, director of the Wildlife Conservation Division, Office of Conservation Area Management 3, searched a house in Phetchaburi Province after receiving a complaint that unauthorized wildlife was kept in possession. During the inspection, 27 red-whiskered bulbul caged birds were found in the compound.

The captured birds were estimated at a value of 40,500 baht. House owner Mr Kamol Kerdyame, 65, was charged with illegal possession of protected wildlife and awaits further legal proceedings.

In order to avoid any trouble with the wildlife authorities, pet lovers should make sure their feathered pets at home are not categorized as one of the protected animals.