Indonesia begins administering its first anti-Covid vaccination today

Health workers in protective clothing collecting specimens from a patient at a community health centre in Jakarta. (Photo: Xinhua,

13 Jan, JAKARTA – Indonesian health minister reveals that the country will start administering their first anti-Covid vaccination today with President Joko Widodo receiving the first jab.

The government said 1.3 million health workers would be among the first to be vaccinated as well as the governor in order to reassure people the efficacy of the vaccine, which is manufactured by Sinovac, a Chinese pharmaceutical giant.

Indonesia also plans to prioritise the working-age group of the vaccine instead of the elderly like in other countries because they are the work force in reviving the economy.

Indonesian Food and Drug Administration have approved the use of Sinovac vaccine stating that the experimental data showed a 65.3% efficacy.

Indonesian officials disclose that aside from Sinovac, they have made agreement with other pharmaceutical companies to acquire nearly 330 million doses of the vaccine for the general population.

It is estimated that it will take 15 months for a group immunity to be established once two thirds of the population is vaccinated.

Original writer: Suda Mangmee