Injured elephant stuck in muddy swamp


An injured wild elephant fell helplessly into a muddy pond while trying to drink the water from the pond in Pranburi district. Animal rescuers had to drain out the water so the elephant could get out of the pond. Hopeless as it seems, the animal couldn’t get itself out of the pond.

Fearing that the elephant might attack them as it has a history of violence after attacking one of its rescuers while attending to its injury two weeks ago, the veterinarians decided to shoot the elephant with an anesthetic dart to put it to sleep.

A rope was later tied around the body and the rescuers finally were able to pull the elephant out of the pond with the use of a forklift. After giving medications, the elephant recovered but was not able to get up on its own.

Eventually, the animal was able to stand up and headed back into the forest. The Kuiburi National Park personnel are closely monitoring the elephant’s condition as it is still suffering from an injury on one of its feet.