Insight English Summer Camp


Insight English has been providing English lessons to nine local government schools in Cha-am in this April with finacial support from “The Independent Living Foundation” Insight English hosted a summer camp for twenty-seven of the children from these schools, aged eight to ten years old. The children who were chosen to attend the camp were selected because of their keen enthusiasm to learn English and their good participation during their lessons. The camp lasted a total of three days and all activities provided were intended to be educational in some way. Therefore, we had a variety of games which developed English, critical thinking and team building skills.

The children arrived at midday on Monday and once unpacked, the first activity began immediately! We began by playing a number of rather daft introduction games in order to encourage the children to feel more comfortable amongst one another and allow us to see their English ability. Once introductions were over, we set the children their first team building task.

In teams of four, they had to build a parachute to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from a three metre height, using only the materials provided which were: eight straws, a plastic bag and two sheets of newspaper. Looks of stern concentration were seen around the room as they tried to create the best parachute possible; however, in the end, only one team was successful. More games followed before dinner and then the children spent the evening watching a film to help them relax before they all went off to bed. Day two began with a treasure hunt to develop the children’s English ability.

For the first twenty minutes of the day, we practised vocabulary such as: beach, bridge, and swimming pool and then the children were sent off with a number of clues including these vocabularies to test how much they remembered. After a good thirty minutes, the first team frantically searched the classroom before finding the treasure, chocolate coins! Before lunch we played a few more activities including; three legged races, water polo and egg and spoon races, all of which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

After lunch, English lessons began with a chorus of moans from the children, however, after ten minutes they were all enjoying themselves once again and worked on different topics such as: daily routines, foods, and body parts. The latter allowed the English teachers to teach the children a song, ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ which was instantly a hit and in the children’s heads for the rest of the day. Day three began with more English lessons before a very heated and competitive sand castle competition.

There were temples, mountains and castles all created from sand and in the end we had to decide upon three joint winners due to the high standard of creations. This concluded the camp and made it seem as if the last three days had flown by. Insight English intends to run more charitable events and your help and donations are always very welcome and wanted. For more information please visit www.