International boxers train at Legend Arena Hua Hin ahead of Olympic qualifiers


The Legend Arena Hua Hin, in collaboration with the German Amateur Boxing Association, is hosting boxers from 15 countries in preparation for the Olympic qualifiers. The training camp, part of the Olympic Pre-Camp Cha-Am & Hua Hin 2024, runs from May 8-21.

Athletes from nations including Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Iceland, and New Zealand are participating in the camp at The Legend Arena, a 1,000-square-meter facility located at BluPort, which is dedicated to sports training. The camp serves as a preliminary event to the 2nd World Qualifying Tournament Boxing Road To Paris – Bangkok 2024, which will take place from May 24 to June 2 at the Indoor Stadium Hua Mak in Bangkok.

The welcome event was led by View Boorapolchai, a former Olympic bronze medalist and the current president of the Olympic Athletes Association and director of The Legend Arena. Martin Volk, representing the German Amateur Boxing Association, and Uthaiwan Patthawatin, manager of the International Boxing Camp in Thailand, were also present.

“I am delighted to support the Olympic Pre-Camp Cha-Am & Hua Hin 2024, which brings together local and international athletes,” said View. “With over 100 athletes participating, this camp not only promotes our local tourism but also boosts the economy. It’s heartening to see these athletes share their training experiences on social media, highlighting our culture, landscapes, and cuisine to a global audience.”

Burapalchai emphasized the diversity and readiness of the athletes, noting that some have already secured their spots in the upcoming Olympics, yet choose to engage fully in the pre-camp. “This reminds me of my own preparations for the Olympics,” he added. “It’s inspiring to see everyone’s commitment to achieving their dreams of Olympic success.”

The training atmosphere at the camp was described as intense, with athletes focused on honing their skills for the upcoming qualifiers. In a cultural exchange twist, after one of the training sessions, Burapalchai hosted a Muay Thai workshop for the coaching team and team managers from Germany, showcasing Thailand’s martial arts and further promoting cultural understanding.