An Interview with Andrew Stocks

An Interview with Andrew Stocks
An Interview with Andrew Stocks


Andrew is one of Hua Hin most successful property developers, hotel owner, entrepreneur, founder of the Power of Love Organisation and The Power of Love International Church.

What made you first move to Thailand?
I originally came to Thailand on holiday many years ago, I stayed here on my first time for three months, I stayed at The Royal Garden Resort in Pattaya, now The Pattaya Marriott Resort and Spa. My first day here I didn’t like it because it wasn’t what I was used to. However, as the days went by, I fell in love wi

An Interview with Andrew Stocks
An Interview with Andrew Stocks

th the beautiful Thai people and I knew then that one day I wanted to live in Thailand. So I went home, worked hard on my dream and I came to live in Thailand.

Andrew, you were very well known in Pattaya and it seems everyone knew who you were and you were successful, why would you want to move away from Pattaya to come to live in Hua Hin?
I came on holiday to Hua Hin just for the weekend and I was introduced to a contact who I could do a good property deal on. It was a good deal so I decided to move to Hua Hin. I still love Pattaya very much. I think it will always be my real home. It was where I was bought up. So many people put Pattaya down, but if you’re positive, there are so many wonderful good and positive things about Pattaya. It’s up to us what we choose to see. I chose to see the good things.

What makes you tick?
We I guess it used to be money, I became a Millionaire a reasonably young, but I realised It wasn’t the thing that made me happy. I realised I was just greedy. Then I found Jesus and I found out that I have found true inner happiness right from the soul. Nowadays, I just love to work for God; he is the best boss anyone could ever have. I gave up working for a salary because He can give me much more than anyone in the world could ever give me .

What is your goal now?
My Goal now is to get our church room full with 500 people. I set this goal because I noticed that most churches around Hua Hin have around 20 to 30 people are they never seem to grow bigger. I believe in my personal opinion that it’s because too many churches are driving away people by judging them instead of loving them. I want everyone of our 500 people to have a close relationship with Jesus and go out and show everyone the light, to be a friend to the lonely, to be there for the sick, and to be a map to all those that are lost. When we do that, I truly believe that God will bless us with so much more than we could ever of imagined. I like to set goals that most people would think impossible. I always set goals much bigger than I think possible too, then if I still don’t make it, and only get half way; I still have got more than I would have done if I had set a normal goal.

If you could offer people one piece of advice for their lifewhat would it be?
I guess it would be to tell people to get to know God and go out and open your heart, love the world and wait and see what comes back. It’s a Miracle, a real Miracle.