Introduction to the Cha Am Darts Fun League

Introduction to the Cha Am Darts Fun League
Introduction to the Cha Am Darts Fun League

Darts has been played in the bars of Cha- Am for a number of years and interest has been steadily increasing, so we decided it was about time we got ourselves organised!
We run a league of 8 teams of 3 people from 5 venues around Cha-Am on a Wednesday evening at 8p.m. Team members are a good mix of Thai and Ex-pat, male and female, young(ish) and old(ish).

The purpose of the league is to provide a fun night out, and introduce new players to darts. At the moment only 2 players in the league had ever played darts before coming to Thailand. It’s cheap and easy to learn, and we offer a quick lesson or 2 and a helping hand along the way.
Catch us at any of these bars:- Scandic Bar Soi Long Beach, Paradise Corner Bar, Beach Rd, Cha-Am Soi 10N, Pink Flamingo and Blue Lagoon Naratip Rd and Buddy Bar KhlongThian Rd.

If you fancy giving it a try or just having look, why not check out one of the very informal fun nights held in Scandic Bar on Sunday evenings and Paradise Corner Bar on Monday evenings