It’s Official! Santa Is Coming To Thailand

Santa Is Coming To Thailand
Santa Is Coming To Thailand
Santa Is Coming To Thailand
Santa Is Coming To Thailand

It’s easy to understand why children in Thailand, especially those on holiday from another country over the Christmas period worry that Santa may not make it to Thailand. After all it’s a long way from his home in Finland and a lot hotter than the North Pole! We have it good authourity that Santa’s mailbox has been bombarded with letters from children all over Thailand wanting to know if he will be heading this way at Christmas. Santa’s finding it hard to respond so Hua Hin Today has been asked to come to the rescue and spread the goods news! He’s on his way! We also hear that Santa really enjoys some Christmas holiday time on the beach at Hua Hin; you may be able to see him taking time out relaxing on the sand; minus his warm Santa suit but look out for a big white beard! Our mini-journalists from the BECC School Hua Hin have been busy but this time they have become mini-poets; in fact mini Christmas poets. Here’s a composition from Martha, Sade, Alma and Maria. For Christmas I Would Like ………… Dear Santa,

For Christmas I Would Like …………
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like:
A Coloring Book,
A Pencil,
A mug,
A Pink Rug,
A Pet,
A Fishing Net,
A Basket ball,
A shawl from the mall.
But there’s Something that I haven’t got yet
That I really want you to get…
…A Toy Fish that can get wet!

More Christmas
Poems In many countries of the world Christmas is in the winter time with tales of snow, ice and sleigh bells. No wonder there are always stories, poems and songs about Santa and his elves and reindeer trying to keep warm. But as you can read, there are also some poems which recognise that Thailand is a little different!

Sing a Song of Christmas

Sing a song of Christmas old Santa’s packed his sleigh He’s coming soon to Thailand we hope he knows the way His bag is overflowing, with presents bright and gay, He’ll call to all the elephants; “Tomorrow’s Christmas day!”

A Sled for Christmas

Up! Up! Up I jump and down the stairs I fly. Look! Look! A brand new sled that I can’t wait to try. Zip! Zip! Bundle up, I’m toasty warm inside. Quick! Quick! Out the door, then down the hill I’ll glide. No! No! It isn’t fair, it simply isn’t right. Snow! Snow! I can’t see any snow, it’s Thailand so don’t take fright!

Santa’s Back!

Two merry blue eyes a queer little nose A long snowy beard and cheeks like a rose A round chubby man a big bulging pack Hurrah for Old Santa we’re glad he’s come back!

Can You Spell Christmas?
C – is for the Christ child born upon this day
H – is for the holly to make our mantle gay.
R – is for red ribbon to wrap the parcels tight
I – is for the icicles on this cold winter night.
S – is for dear Santa please leave him a treat
T – is for Thailand and lots of food to eat.
M – is for the manger where Baby Jesus lay,
A – is for the angels on that first Christmas Day.
S – is for the stockings Hanging in a row With candy
canes out of the top And bulges in the toe.
C – is for Christmas I wait for all year.
H – is for holly that brings so much cheer.
R – is for reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh
I – is for icicles dripping all day.
S – is for Santa who seldom is seen.
T – is for Thailand, it’s lovely and serene.
M – is for mistletoe, hugs and a kiss.
A – is for angel who looks just like this.
S – is for stockings all loaded with toys from all of the
elves to the girls and the boys.

Santa’s Workshop

The elves in Santa’s workshop are busy as can be. They all are working ‘round the clock on toys for you and me. They’re painting dolly faces and running trains on tracks. They’re testing all the snare drums and tightening the tacks. While all of you are sleeping and resting in your beds, The elves up north are making strong runners for your sleds. They do their best to make up a gift for everyone And give us each a special taste of merry Christmas fun! Santa Claus is big and fat he wears black boots and a bright red hat His nose is red just like a rose and he ho ho ho’s from his head to his toes.