Jazz in Cha Am Sunday night Jam Sessions in Cha-am

Jazz in Cha Am Sunday night Jam Sessions in Cha-am
Jazz in Cha Am Sunday night Jam Sessions in Cha-am

There was a time when you had to wait for the annual Hua with B800m plan Hin jazz festival to see some good bands playing jazz. If you were into Thai rock, you could also dodge flying glass bottles at the annual Cha-am Reggae festival (where music can be heard sometimes when there is no gunshots, screams or ambulance sirens troubling the peaceful and “economy-boosting-good-for-the-cityimage” event).

Now live music can be enjoyed weekly, in a friendly atmosphere of a music bar, with great musicians and a nice crowd of people (mostly Scandinavians) cheering, singing and dancing. For those of you who appreciate live jazz and related good music, Cha Am has a fine music bar, the Baan Chang.

It’s run by a famous Norwegian entertainer, Nissa Nyberget. He presides over a wellorganized jam session every Sunday night from 7 pm onward. Baan Chang, offers shows every night but Sunday night is Jam Night at Baan Chang, drawing an audience and roster of musicians that is heavily Scandinavian. These seasons are very lively, with Mr. Nissa encouraging musicians and listeners alike. Freddy Lindquist, a famous early rocker ( “Black is Black” composer ) plays the electric guitar incredibly brilliant.

Baan Chang is simply the best place to be on a Sunday night in Cha-am. That’s what a lot of people think, and that’s why the place is fully packed every week! Baan Chang is famous for its jazz and rock jam sessions. What makes this venue so special is that every session is unique, with different musicians and singers taking turns on stage. If Sunday nights are too busy for your taste, a smaller band is playing live every other night (except Monday). Baan Chang is at the end of soi 9 north, next to Methavalai hotel. Sunday night session begins at 8:00 pm. Baan Chang is located on Soi 8 North in Cha-Am, just off the beach next to the Methavalai hotel.