Jungle Aid Foundation for a Brighter Future

Jungle Aid Foundation for a Brighter Future
Jungle Aid Foundation for a Brighter Future

‘With a mission to provide medical aid, education, support and micro-business opportunities to improve the lives of people living in remote locations in and around Thailand.’

There are many fund raising events and other opportunities for Hua Hin residents or visitors to contribute. Charity events have little trouble raising money; the problem is more likely to be who will be the beneficiary? How can donors know that all the monies raised will go to a real charitable cause when the organisers of ‘Charity Event’ can only give a very vague description of what will happen with the proceeds? One answer to this conundrum is to look for foundation status. Potential donors then find it easier to trust and account for their donations through a legally registered organisation.

A Foundation setup in Thailand is a legal juristic entity which works for the benefit of society. Foundations are able to collect donations for their work and can issue receipts just like a company. Areas of activity can include charity, religion, art, science, literature, or other purposes for the public benefit and not for profit.

Property can only be used in order to obtain the specific targets of the Foundation, and cannot be for the sole interest for one or more individuals. Foundations are only setup for only non-profit purposes and exist independent of government. Jungle Aid Achieves Foundation Status! The Jungle Aid Foundation is overseen by a Board with Emma Neve as the Chair and Jungle Aid’s Chief Executive. The organisation has been working with communities on the Thai/Myanmar border for over five years. She formed Jungle Aid to ensure that the communities continued to receive the attention they needed when the charity she formerly worked with pulled out of Thailand.

Jungle Aid’s Emma Neve with the official Foundation Certificate and using her skills as a health educator There are currently projects in four communities with in Thailand; Bang Saphan, Bon Luk, Ba Mak and Pala U being provided with clean water, healthcare and practical poverty relief. The main focus is to provide rural communities with a safe and sustainable way of life. Some Jungle Aid achievements over 5 years: 2,634 patients treated, 103 village assessments, 114 remote clinics, 179 hospital visits, 15 students sponsored. Jungle Aid has achieved foundation status and as CEO Emma says; “To all of you amazing supporters, volunteers and sponsors, we have finally received the fantastic news we have been waiting for, for over 5 years!!!!! We have foundation status and we are now a registered charity in Thailand.

Thank you to each and every person that has supported, helped behind the scenes or in the field and believed in what we do to make this happen. We are very excited about the future for Jungle Aid and developing our charity.” Our congratulations to Jungle Aid on achieving foundation status by demonstrating their value to some of the most disadvantaged people in Thailand. Donors and volunteers are always welcome. To make contact or for more information see www.jungleaid.org