Khun Lisa Onghang Tell us a few things about yourself

Khun Lisa Onghang
Khun Lisa Onghang
Khun Lisa Onghang
Khun Lisa Onghang

I have a family with one son and one daughter. I have a Master Degree in Social Science and Politics. My businesses, Hua Hin Golf Tours Co.,Ltd. include hotels, shops selling golf equipment and a restaurant. I am the Secretary of the Tourism Association of Hua Hin & Cha-Am, Past President of the Rotary Club and President of the Hua Hin Women’s Club.

Do you have an idol in your life?

My idol is my Buddha as I am very religious. My life is a normal life with good staff to run the businesses. Helping people and giving; that’s what I enjoy.

Tell us 3 words about yourself.

Kind, understanding and giving. If I know of poor people or see poor people, I give my help.

How did the Women’s Club start?

The 1st meeting was on 13th February 2013. This Association was created by the Hua Hin Municipality. To start with the Mayor wanted to look after his people. There are many nationalities living in Hua Hin and he wanted to get them all together, the easiest way is to put the women all together. Our group gives help to whoever we can. We are happy to help other people including poor people, children and now we help women who have breast cancer. We always meet once a month, but informally we meet more often because we have fun; sometimes dinner with friends. Anyone can join the group who thinks the same way about life.

Where do you find your inspiration?

It’s easy to find because everybody wants to help. We seek money from sponsors who like our ideas and like to help other people.

What Rules do you have in your life?

Think good, speak good and do the right thing.

What is the role of Woman in Thai society?

Many of women are as successful as the men. Men must accept that women can also be leaders. Now we are equal and now the men don’t mind. Of course the family comes first; husbands and children. The second thing is business and the third thing is to help other people.

What do you want to achieve the next five years?

In five years I would like to keep my family as it is and spend more time with them. In my business I want my children to take over and in the Women’s Club I want to see the Members being active. Many of our Members are good leaders and I believe everybody can be a leader and make the Club better.

Looking back what advice would you give to your younger self ?

Everything is OK, think positive in life! I would say well done Lisa. you are a very hard working woman. My family was not rich; I had to work hard and wouldn’t like to change anything, just keep working hard. My family love boys and I had to try more to get approval from my family and earn respect. The first thing is education and the second thing is working hard; not with energy but with brains.

What advice will you give to your daughter?

Mum gave you your life but you have to make your own success. Success has to go together with happiness. Find something you love to do in your life and then you will be successful.

For the woman (or anyone starting their own business) what three things are most critical for them to be aware of?

In life you meet many people and many people have a lot of anger. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. You cannot judge people at first sight. People who act with anger may not be bad people and smiling all the time doesn’t mean they are good. Got to know people from their face or their mouth.

What is your favorite thing in Hua Hin?

I like that it is a small town. When I am tired I can go out like a tourist and see new faces, go to the market and have a break or walk to beach get the good breeze.

What is your message to our readers?

Life is too short and there is no time to do something bad. If you give, you get good feelings. You don’t need to expect to get it back, your heart will feel good and that’s enough.