Khun Monica of ‘Manacha’ A Lady with Style

Khun Monica of ‘Manacha’ A Lady with Style
Khun Monica of ‘Manacha’ A Lady with Style
Khun Monica of ‘Manacha’ A Lady with Style
Khun Monica of ‘Manacha’ A Lady with Style

Renovating or refurbishing your out of date or tired condo, town house or even new property can be a daunting prospect. Our plan is to soon look at a ‘before and after’ to give you some ideas. In preparation, we went to meet Khun Monsicha Westerlund (or Khun Monica), a Director of Manacha Co. Ltd., (the Company logo is her initials) to find out about the face behind the name of this interior design services business. Curtains and soft furnishing, including lounge furniture are specialties.

Where is your family home and where else have you lived?

“My home Province is Prichit in central Thailand. That’s the home of the Thailand crocodile farming industry and something I remember from childhood.” “Apart from places in Thailand such as Phuket and Bangkok, I have also lived in England for 17 years, Spain, Portugal and Sweden. This has given me an international perspective and some extra language skills.”

What is your business and professional background?

“My interior design background began after studying in London. That’s the profession I have followed the most however being a Wedding Planner has been another string to my bow. In Phuket this was lots of fun with underwater weddings a Phuket specialty, however I managed to stay above the waves! I still enjoy this as a sideline in Hua Hin. I’ve also had experience as a restaurant Manager for a period” “My son is involved in website design and media writer and is living in Bangkok. He’s designing our company new website for me, so that should be soon online.”

What brought you to Hua Hin?

“Basically my husband and I wanted to get away from the European climate, so returning to Thailand was an easy choice. Hua Hin is growing fast and offers opportunities for my interior design skills, so I opened the business here two years ago.”

We understood that you follow the Christian Faith, how does that work?

“After always being a staunch Buddhist I discovered Christianity during my time in Phuket four years ago. My family has no problem with that change and everyone is supportive. In Hua Hin I attend the Victory Church which has an international congregation and is a very supportive and welcoming place for me.”

What else is important for you in Hua Hin?

“I have a ‘hands on’ involvement with the Hua Hin Women’s Club. There is lots of work to be done helping people in Hua Hin through this group; i’s important for me to be involved in this community group.” When you talk to Khun Monica, stylish is a word that immediately comes to mind; but also elegant with a multicultural and international perspective.